Into The Light - 'Composition Episode'
Into The Light - 'Composition Episode'
Into The Light - 'Composition Episode'
Into The Light - 'Composition Episode'
Into The Light - 'Composition Episode'

Into The Light - 'Composition Episode'

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Composition is king in visual art. Something badly composed will subconsciously be unpleasing to the eye, regardless of the subject matter.

In this episode, we begin out in the field as I take you through some core principals and considerations regarding composition. After this, I run through some example imagery and continue to break down composition theory.

What’s inside this tutorial package?

  • HD video almost 30 minutes in duration, covering the theory and practical thought process behind composition.
    You'll be downloading this video so you'll have lifetime access; anytime, anywhere!
  • Episode 'Show Notes' - a PDF document, over 6 pages, summarising all the important stuff covered in the tutorial

PLUS, you'll also receive:

  • 1 x Exclusive 'Intro' Episode - Learn about my photography journey
  • 1 x Exclusive 'Philosophy' Episode - Discover my photography philosophy
  • Will's Words - A four page Glossary of Common Photography Terms

What will you learn?

  • How to effectively compose a scene
  • Key considerations when framing a landscape
  • A break down of effective visual 'transitions' 
  • About the Rule of Thirds
  • How to find and create 'Leading Lines'
  • The importance of the 'Vanishing Point' & its position
  • How to create depth in wide angle scenes
  • What to avoid in landscape compositions

No need to fast forward the tutorial searching for the 'real' content, we get straight to the good stuff, beautifully filmed and covering off on all the essentials. PLUS, we’ve taken the notes for you, with key points and example images included in the Show Notes!