Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'
Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'
Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'
Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'
Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'
Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'

Into The Light - 'Seascape Episode'

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Whether tempestuous and stormy or calm and serene, the ocean has many faces of beauty.

In this seascape photography tutorial, you'll be taken to some rugged coastlines in New Zealand and Australia to learn various photography methods used to capture the majesty of the ocean. Sunstars, slow shutters, exposure blending, motion panning and processing is all covered plus more.  

 What’s inside this tutorial package?

  • 1 x HD 'in the field' tutorial video, over 23min in duration, covering seascape photography 
  • 1 x HD post processing video, over 39min in duration, where you'll follow along to see how I process one of the images I captured out in the field
    You'll be downloading these video's so you'll have lifetime access; anytime, anywhere!
  • RAW and PSD files for the post-processing segment
  • Episode 'Show Notes' - a PDF document summarising all the important stuff covered in the videos

PLUS, you'll also receive:

  • 1 x Exclusive 'Intro' Episode - Learn about my photography journey
  • 1 x Exclusive 'Philosophy' Episode - Discover my photography philosophy
  • Will's Words - A four page Glossary of Common Photography Terms put together especially for you from me!

What will you learn?

  • A step-by-step approach to photographing the sea
  • Capturing seascapes using both telephoto and wide angle lenses
  • Compositional approach to seascape photography 
  • Motion panning 
  • Freezing and blurring motion on waves
  • Utilising the sun to render sunstars in your frame
  • Shooting handheld with exposure blending for water flow
  • Working with high dynamic range scenes
  • Post processing techniques for seascapes and how to blend wave exposures using layer masks
  • Capture the sea and blur water, all handheld 

Learn the entire image making process, from the initial thought process, execution in the field and then follow along as everything is brought together in post processing. No need to fast forward the video searching for the real content, we get straight to the good stuff, beautifully filmed and covering off on all the essentials. PLUS, we’ve taken the notes for you, with everything summarised in the Show Notes.