How Do I View The Tutorial Videos? 

Upon purchasing the Complete Suite, you'll receive a link on screen (as well as an email with this same link) to download the Complete Suite file. Inside this file will be a PDF with some notes and a link to access all the videos, raw files and Show Notes. 

If you purchase episodes individually, upon completing payment a download button will appear on site (and be sent to you via email as well), which will directly download relevant video, PSD and RAW files. 

It's recommended to purchase and watch on a laptop/computer and not phone. 


What Do I Need To Watch These? 

To download the files, you'll need a reliable internet connection and enough storage space on your computer. The Complete Suite has all 7 Into The Light episodes plus hours of bonus material, and is approximately 30gb in total size (broken up and sorted into various folders). Once on your computer, the videos will play through your default player. 

For the image editing, you'll need Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop. No other plug ins are required. 


 Can I have the product shipped?

We can arrange to have the Full Suite shipped on a flash drive. Please just contact me if you'd like to do this option. 


 Are The Tutorials Suited For Beginners?

Absolutely! The series was designed to flow from the very core basics of photography and image editing, through to more advanced techniques. These tutorials are suited for beginner and intermediate level photographers.   


How Many Times Can I Watch The Tutorials?

After downloading the tutorials, you'll be able to play the videos back as many times as you like and watch them at your own pace on your own device. 

However, the URL link that you're sent to download the tutorials will expire, so we recommend doing your download shortly after making your purchase. For any concerns or issues just contact us at info@williampatino.com and we can help you out.


How Long Are The Tutorials?

The episodes vary in length, but generally average about 60 minutes each. The idea was to teach certain methods and techniques in an effective manner but without dragging on for too long. 


Are RAW Files Included?

Yes, all relevant RAW files and PSD's are included for you to follow along and learn processing. 


What If The Downloads Don't Work? 

Sometimes things go wrong in this crazy age of technology. Just let us know and we will take care of it as soon as possible - info@williampatino.com


Does It Matter What Camera I Have? 

If your camera can shoot in 'manual mode' then you'll be able to follow along fine. 


Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee? 

Yes, we do. We're that confident in the product that we're happy to provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just email us directly.



Who Is This William Patino Guy?

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