Arcadia - Start To Finish
Arcadia - Start To Finish
Arcadia - Start To Finish
Arcadia - Start To Finish
Arcadia - Start To Finish

Arcadia - Start To Finish

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Join me in this 'start to finish' and see how I created my portfolio image 'Arcadia'. 
In this course, we commence out in the field at the Mount Cook/Aoraki National Park in New Zealand. From here, I share my approach for composing and capturing grand scenes, what I look for and am aiming to achieve, balancing out the scene and how to create visual flow and depth. Plus, my approach for handheld shooting and focus stacking for an infinite depth of field.
Afterward, we head back to the studio, where I showcase a broad range of techniques and considerations for processing the raw file, from start to finish. 
What Will you learn?

  • Learn the creative approach for composing a grand landscape, using different components for visual flow and impact
  • The camera settings to capture the image and why they were chosen - plus the approach for shooting handheld in low light
  • See the entire raw file post-processing step-by-step - create depth and atmosphere and work with the natural light in the scene
  • How to make simple and highly effective adjustments in Photoshop, to seperate tones and balance a large dynamic range
  • Focus Stacking - blend together a series of files for a tack sharp image
  • How to add realistic cloud and fill a dull sky 
  • Learn how to take complete manual control of your processing without relying on any plugins, presets or complicated layering 
  • Learn how to use masks for blending exposures 

This tutorial is for you if ...
  • You have hit a plateau and want some new insights into creating dynamic landscapes with depth 

  • You want to stop relying on plugins and presets and learn how to process your files in a simple and effective way 

  • You want to learn how to focus stack and incorporate close, eye catching foreground details in your images 

  • You're struggling to effectively compose grand scenes

  • You want to refine the overall look of your images 

Duration: 1 hr 53 minutes