'Bad' Weather Episode (processing segment)

'Bad' Weather Episode (processing segment)

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One of the challenges with landscape photography is having to adapt to weather conditions, which often doesn't always go as planned. This episode is the post-processing segment from the 'Bad Weather' episode. If you haven't seen this bonus episode yet, email us. 

What’s inside this tutorial package?

  • HD video over 30 minutes in duration, covering the complete processing workflow of this image
    You'll be downloading this video so you'll have lifetime access; anytime, anywhere!
  • RAW and PSD files to follow along with in Photoshop  

PLUS, you'll also receive:

  • 1 x Exclusive 'Intro' Episode - Learn about my photography journey
  • 1 x Exclusive 'Philosophy' Episode - Discover my photography philosophy
  • Will's Words - A four page Glossary of Common Photography Terms

What will you learn?

  • A simple and effective workflow in Photoshop 
  • Various techniques for creating depth and atmosphere in an image